As Children of Our Creator, Women and Men, to the best of my understanding, are meant to be Co-creators with Christ and Holy Spirit. Based on this understanding (only my suggested perspective), we are possibly free to learn to add “a” day. Unlike Our Creator, as just Children of Our Creator right now, there could possibly be a time limit as to how long that day could become. Or, Women and Men are free to just let life go along in the ways with which we are familiar. To the best of my understanding, Women and Men have the Blessing, which might restore and seal the new days comprising this 8th Day. And, Women and Men could possibly overcome adverse history compounding and repeating itself worse in the future and restore True Life to what I believe is Christ’s Way.

Let’s explore this reasoning.

Gen. 1:27–28


New Reasoning:

The 6th Day … Gen. 24–31

The 7th Day … Gen. 2:1–3

The 8th Day … To be restored one day at a time … Psalm 118:24–25 & Isa. 32:18

I Believe Women’s and Men’s Biblical Heritage is as the Children of Our Creator. One with Jesus Christ in the Family of Our Creator. And now, also Jesus' Friends. Each Woman and Man building our lives with and upon Jesus’ Loving Guidance and Foundation for us and those women and men who come to us. Also by “giving” in creative, new ways in order for “churches” to begin to thrive again.

Gal. 3:26; Matt 12:50; John 15:14–15; Matt. 7:24–27; Luke 5:10–11

Traditional Reasoning:

or … History repeating itself … Gen. 2:4 throughout the rest of the Bible, interpreted traditionally, without new reasonings and skill sets.

Hybrid Reasoning:

Except for: Heb. 10:10; I Cor. 3:11 & 16–17; Gal. 5:22–23 & 18 & 25, etc. With proposed new perspectives and reasoning, these Scriptures, and more, become the Biblical guidelines for more of the Truth to interpret the Bible to overcome history repeating itself — for Women and Men, working together, to accomplish — and for a better — America.

Prov. 8:17–18 & 21; Luke 5:17

Also, there is Zech. 4:14. The following rough image is what I was able to picture from this passage of Scripture in 2018, without the contemporary reasoning I have learned since then.

What do you understand and picture? How does this information fit into Christianity? Why has it been overlooked for all this time? Could it be a clue as to a different choice, maybe closer to Woman’s and Man’s original Creation by Our Creator? Food for thought.

I Cor. 11:12; 2 Tim. 2:22; Eph. 5:28

Along with new ways to understand and interpret the Bible, there is now an awareness of the Admonishment. The degree of the consequences under this discipline are determined by the degree of disobedience. Because of Christ, we as Christian Women and Men have Grace. For those who pursue any type of evil; those who interfere with Christians doing the Will of God; those who disbelieve the Truth; and those who do evil to good trustworthy, trusting people — to name a few — the consequences can range from tribulation; being damned; eventually bringing about their own death; and departing from Our Creator to experience the same consequences as those of Lucifer.

Prov. 11:19; II Thes. 1:6 & 2:12; Matt. 25:40-41; Book of Numbers

As a Christian Woman, the most important thing I would want to contribute to what is written in the Bible is to add two more “fruits” to the Fruits of the Spirit. I say this because of the issues I have been subjected to by the stalker these four years and counting.

When all of the other fruits have been used up and are gone because of my humanness, the one thing I can continually draw upon until those fruits are replenished, is to forgive and bless Chris Henning, his evil use of electronics, and all of the people who have bought into his evil behavior. I want to be forgiven and blessed by people; therefore, I forgive and bless people. And, I pray and ask for their Salvation. That is why I would add these two additional fruits. How others receive this suggestion, or not, is totally up to them; and should be in a way that is comfortable for them.

Whether anyone else chooses to or not, I fully intend to include “forgiving and blessing” in the traditional Fruits of the Spirit — and praying for the transgressors' Salvation — in order to receive the Best Resolution to every issue of life: what I understand (to the best of my ability) is Christ’s Way.

By further explanation, Jesus explained His reasoning directly when sharing with the disciples, which, at that time, evolved into just 12 people. Jesus used parables for the general public. This form of communicating with the different groups in different ways met the needs of each group, again, at that time in history.

Gal. 5:22 & 18; Matt. 13:10–11; John 6:65–66

Considering this proposed perspective, reasoning and the Blank Slate Women and Men appear to have been given with this new beginning, we are freely blessed with the tools to choose and create another and Better way of life without the limitations of the familiar, traditional limitations passed down from the past.

The question is: knowing what we do now, can we believe and trust Holy Trinity, and be comfortable rising above the past to lay a better, more secure and truer foundation for our future, and the future of our children and America?

It’s something to prayerfully consider.

February 23, 2022



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